Pre-Planning a funeral is an important step to help your family through one of the most difficult times they will face.  Find out the many ways you can plan a funeral service or other death care options in advance.

Reasons to Pre-Plan

  • Peace of mind and assurance to your family.
  • You control how you want things handled.
  • Helps relieve confusion and questions.
  • No one is rushed through decisions as with some at-need situations.
  • Minimizes family disputes.
  • Shields assets while removing the financial burden from surviving family.

Ways to Pre-Plan

  • Fully fund funeral plans with a funeral home or death care provider.
  • Start and keep a file  at a funeral home with written expressed wishes to guide your family.
  • Tell your family what you want in advance.
  • Purchase burial plots or cremation space in advance from cemetery of your choice.

Why Pre-Fund rather than simply Pre-Planning a service?  

Pre-Funding a funeral service ensures that no one can change the plans that you specifically lay out in advance of your death.  If you just verbally instruct or  have written instructions there is no legal requirements for your family to follow what you have requested.  If arrangements are made and funds are placed in a funeral trust - the funeral home is legally obligated to complete exactly what you desired and expressed. 

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